Campbell Passes Bill Against Tolling State Highways

AUSTIN – Fulfilling a campaign promise to fight toll roads, Sen. Donna Campbell authored SB 1029, which passed through the Senate and is currently awaiting passage in the Texas House. She released the following statement regarding the intentions of the bill:

“San Antonio and Central Texas drivers demand better roads without relying on tolls. Last week I was able to pass SB 1029, ensuring free lanes on state highways are not converted into toll lanes. The bill prohibits TxDOT from operating a non-tolled state highway or a segment of a non-tolled state highway as a toll project in many cases. It also prohibits TxDOT from transferring a highway to another entity for operation as a toll project except under specific circumstances. I will continue to fight to keep free lanes free and to search for a viable, long-term solution for funding our roads.”


Senator Donna Campbell represents Senate District 25. She sits on the Senate Transportation Committee and is a practicing emergency room physician.

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