Sen. Campbell’s Texas Annexation Reform Act Signed by Governor Abbott

AUSTIN – It was the bill that wouldn’t quit. Filibustered during the regular session and sent back to committee on a point of order just last week, Sen. Campbell’s annexation reform bill became the fifth bill to pass both chambers during the special session and is now on its way to Governor Abbott’s desk to be signed into law. Also known as the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act, Senate Bill 6 protects homeowners and businesses from forced annexation and makes the municipal annexation process more democratic.

“When this bill was filibustered on the last day of the regular session, I said it wasn’t over yet and the will of the people will ultimately be victorious,” Senator Campbell stated. “Today is that day. All Texans now have a say in the annexation process and determining who governs them.”

The Senate passed the bill 21 to 10 after the House sent it over with a few changes, including an amendment allowing every county to petition for the right to vote on municipal annexation and a five mile compatible land use buffer around military bases.

“This fight has always been about giving Texans the right to vote on issues that impact their property, taxes, and who ultimately represents them. Our military is important, but it’s important because it serves to protect our freedoms including the right to vote. Once we were assured that the buffer zone around the bases would not disenfranchise the rights of Texans who live in those areas, we could concur and pass this bill to the governor,” said Senator Campbell. “This is an historic victory for local liberty and the rights of Texas citizens over power-grabbing cities.”