Central Texas Republican Assembly Endorses Donna Campbell for State Senate


The Central Texas Republican Assembly (CTRA) endorsed in three primary races on Tuesday evening.  The candidates endorsed were Donna Campbell (State Senate, District 25), Ken Mercer (State Board of Education, Place 5), and Jim Strickland (Travis County Commissioner, Place 3).

“The CTRA is proud to put our support behind these conservative candidates,” said president Daniel McDonald.  “These are the candidates we believe will best represent the Republican Party’s platform and conservative values if they are elected to their respective offices.”

The candidates in several local races were sent questionnaires, and an endorsement committee made recommendations to the membership. Candidates were invited to attend Tuesday’s meeting to make their case to the membership.  The CTRA will consider candidates in the other races in Travis, Hays, and Bastrop counties at an upcoming meeting.

In order to endorse in a contested Republican primary, a quorum of the membership must be present, and a candidate must receive the support of two-thirds (67%) of those present.

The Central Texas Republican Assembly is a grassroots movement to take back the Republican Party for the vast majority of its members: Reagan conservatives who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent and moral America.