Sen. Donna Campbell Files the Mission Preparedness Protection Act

AUSTIN –State Senator Donna Campbell filed the Mission Preparedness Protection Act (SB 277) to ensure that Texas is maintaining the military value of our bases and protecting flight missions that are jeopardized by encroaching industries such as wind farms.

“Our military installations provide a $135 billion boost to the economy and are responsible for employing over 800,000 Texans directly and indirectly,” Senator Campbell stated. “Losing military missions due to wind farms negatively affects the long-term viability of these bases, and we cannot allow that to happen.”

Wind farms are the current leading threat to mission readiness at two Texas military installations, Sheppard Air Force Base and Naval Air Station Kingsville. At an interim hearing last spring, the Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee heard testimony regarding the danger encroaching wind farms pose to pilots taking off and landing due to their size and proximity to runways, as well as how moving turbines interfere with a pilot’s radar.

“I do feel like one day we’re going to wake up surrounded by wind farms in South Texas significantly impacting the mission in a negative way,” Capt. Christopher Misner, commanding officer of Naval Air Station Kingsville, told the committee.

Senate Bill 277 reduces the threat of encroachment by prohibiting subsidies for wind farms in designated areas within 30 nautical miles of the boundaries of Texas military aviation facilities.

“It is bad policy to subsidize something when it is in an area that could have a negative impact on our state’s economy. My priority as Chairwoman is to ensure our military installations remain mission capable, both for our nation’s security and the economic benefits they bring to communities across our state,” Senator Campbell said.


State Senator Donna Campbell represents Senate District 25 and chairs the Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee.