Help Defeat a RINO (Republican In Name Only)

The establishment politicians have decided that they are comfortable with the status quo.

Long-time moderate incumbents find it easier to sit back and enjoy the perks of office rather than rolling up their sleeves and doing the people’s work.

The people of Texas Senate District 25 have had enough of politicians kicking the can down the road and passing on debt to future generations. They’ve had enough of politicians who won’t stand up for traditional family values, like the sanctity of life. There is a lack of political courage in Senate District 25, and the voters deserve better.

I am running to fill a void of conservative leadership in District 25. When elected as your State Senator, I will champion fiscally conservative policies that will strengthen the economy of Texas. Moreover, you can have no doubt that, as a medical doctor, I will be on the front lines defending innocent human life against abortion.

I will stand strong in this race but need your help to win the election. Will you stand up for conservative principles? Join my team today!

Running for a cause, not a career…