In Letter to Governor, Sen. Campbell Requests Special Session on Annexation and Property Tax Reform

AUSTIN – State Senator Donna Campbell sent a formal letter to Governor Greg Abbott requesting annexation and property tax reform be included to any call for a special session. Senate Bill 715, the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act, was filibustered in the closing hours of the regular session by Senator Menendez, effectively running out the clock. The full text of Senator Campbell’s letter is below:


Dear Governor Abbott,

At the end of the 85th Legislature, a filibuster thwarted the will of the people and denied Texas citizens the right to vote as part of the municipal annexation process. This is not the way Texas government is supposed to work. Forced annexation is a form of taxation without representation, and it leaves Texans who choose to live outside our cities vulnerable to California-like ordinances and big city taxes.

SB 715, or the Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act, would guarantee a citizen’s right to vote when their property is targeted by cities for annexation. Versions of SB 715 overwhelmingly passed the House and were on the verge of passing the Senate when one senator decided to impose his will on all Texans. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Texas citizens are now left voiceless to determine who governs them.

We must protect Texas citizens from government overreach at both the local and federal level. Guaranteeing Texans a voice in the annexation process will make our local governments more accountable and limit their appetite to tax, spend, and expand with no end in sight.

The will of the people cannot be denied. I am writing to respectfully request that you include annexation reform and property tax relief in your call for an 85th special session. Thank you for your consideration.


State Senator Donna Campbell is Chairwoman for the Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee. She represents Senate District 25.