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Growing the Economy

Limiting the size and scope of government is the best way to ensure freedom and prosperity for all. It is imperative that we say NO to the liberal tax-and-spend mentality that has gotten so many state economies in trouble. I support marketplace solutions, not government mandates, and I will balance the budget with spending cuts, NOT accounting gimmicks or tax hikes.

Improving Education

I believe that every child is blessed with a unique set of talents and skills, but they cannot develop these without the support of good teachers, strong rigor, and involved parents and community mentors. Let’s cut bureaucratic red tape, improve disciplinary measures, and find innovative ways to partner with businesses to encourage the development of valuable skills in the workforce. School choice  should also play a critical role in our education system. Every parent has a right to know whether their child’s school is making the grade by fostering knowledge and growth, or failing. By expanding educational opportunities, we can empower families to build a better life for their children and the future of Texas.

Securing the Border

The state of Texas must ensure that taxpayer dollars are NOT being handed out as welfare to individuals who have entered our state illegally. Subsidizing illegal immigrants wastes tax dollars that would otherwise be used to help support and educate Texas citizens. It also sends the wrong signal to law-abiding people who are waiting in line to immigrate to this country legally. If we wish to remain a nation of laws, we must protect our borders and enforce a strict legal immigration policy.

Protecting Innocent Life

God bestowed the gift of life upon us, and this gift begins at conception. I am 100% Pro-Life and one of the greatest privileges I have as a State Senator is fighting for the rights of the unborn and to protect innocent life. I support strengthening the family at every level and believe parental rights are key to protecting Texas families.

Funding Our Roads

TXDOT has been underfunded over the past two decades and as a result, our roads are overcrowded while the state has placed too much emphasis on toll roads. Tolling our highways one lane at a time is not a viable, long-term solution to improve congestion. It is merely coping with the problem. That’s why I helped increase funding for Texas roads by nearly $4 billion a year without raising taxes and without any of those dollars going to build toll roads. Additionally, I passed key legislation that prevents the tolling of any existing  non-toll highway lane in the state, and I will continue to support pay-as-you-go funding to fix our roads.

Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment gives Americans and Texans a fundmental right to own and carry firearms and to use them in defense of our lives and property. These rights should never be taken away. I will fight tirelessly to ensure that Second Amendment rights are always protected and was proud to help author legislation finally allowing law-abiding CHL holders to carry on college campuses.