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Pro Business

Dr. Donna Campbell knows that small businesses are the backbone of the Texas economy! The Texas model of limited government, low taxes, and a favorable regulatory environment have powered the economic engine in the state. Dr. Campbell has helped pass additional tools, such as expanded access to telemedicine, workforce credentialing, protection of consumer data, franchise tax exemptions, expanded broadband access, and many more that will continue to make Texas the economic envy in the nation. As Texas continues to grow, the keys to our economic success are the promotion of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and economic freedom. The great people of Senate District 25 have elected Dr. Campbell to protect this model and she will stop at nothing to ensure Texas remains the land of opportunity for all!!

Pro Second Amendment

Second Amendment rights are the bedrock of our liberty. Since taking office, Dr. Donna Campbell has been a key component in passing monumental legislation that strengthens our Second Amendment rights:

  • Authored legislation securing Texans’ right to carry in church.
  • Authored legislation requiring hotels to permit travelers to safely secure their firearm in their hotel room.
  • Joint Authored legislation that prohibits companies with policies that restricts gun/ammunition sales from receiving tax dollar benefits through state contracts.
  • Joint Authored the Constitutional Carry Act allowing Texans to carry without a permit.

Pro Border Security

Dr. Donna Campbell believes that a state cannot effectively govern itself without governing its borders and enforcing the rule of law. When we allow the rule of law to be ignored, we are allowing the will of the people to be ignored. Since taking office, Dr. Campbell has been a key component in passing several laws combatting human/drug/sex trafficking within the state of Texas. Additionally, she was a Joint Author on the legislation that abolished sanctuary cities. Texas could rely on the federal government to secure our nation’s border under the Trump Administration, but that is not the case today. While the Biden Administration is attempting to open the floodgates for illegal immigration, Texas has had no choice but to use more our state resources to work towards securing our border and increasing public safety.

Pro Life

As Texans, we value life, and we value truth. We know that God knew us before we were formed in the womb, and we are wonderfully made in HIS image. That is why, ultimately, we will prevail. When we stand up for the unborn – those who are unseen but never unfelt or unheard by their mothers – we stand up for every human being and strengthen the moral fabric of our beloved nation.

Dr. Donna Campbell has remained a powerful pro-life voice in the Texas Senate!

In her first Session as State Senator, Dr. Campbell called the third point of order that ended the filibuster by pro-abortionist, Wendy Davis. Dr. Campbell has also passed legislation that prohibits state and local government taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. Additionally, she Joint-Authored two monumental pro-life bills:

Texas Heartbeat Act – prohibiting abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

Human Life Protection Act – Immediately outlawing abortion if full lawmaking authority is reverted to the states, as it was in the Dobbs Decision.

Dr. Campbell also added $100 million dollars over the biennium to the statewide Alternatives to Abortion Program. This program promotes childbirth and provides support services to pregnant women and their families, adoptive parents, and parents who have experienced miscarriage or the loss of a child.

Pro Property Tax Relief

In 2019, Dr. Donna Campbell coauthored the most significant property tax reform legislation in modern times. Senate Bill 2, also known as the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act, limits property tax revenue growth for cities, counties, and certain special districts to 3.5% unless voters approve a higher increase.

In the 88th Second Special Session in 2023, Dr. Campbell coauthored Senate Bill 2 to increase the homestead exemption amount for ALL homeowners from $40,000 to $100,000. This Texas Constitutional Amendment proposal was voted in overwhelming support by the Texas taxpayers. This historic property tax relief brought meaningless reduction to property taxes to homeowners across Texas. Dr. Campbell understands that property tax relief work is not done yet and will continue to champion property tax relief for all homeowners!

Pro Veterans and Military

“There is no more honorable profession, and no greater title of valor than to be called a veteran.” Dr. Donna Campbell began each Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee hearing with that statement as a reminder to all Texans of how much we owe and appreciate our veterans. Dr. Campbell proudly served as Chair of the Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee for four Legislative Sessions.

Since she has been in office, Dr. Campbell has a proven record of supporting our veterans and active military service members. Over the past several years, she has authored and passed:

  • Texas Heroes Act – Added more dollars into veterans’ mental healthcare program.
  • Veterans Employment Preference – Allows direct hiring of veterans by agencies through the Texas Workforce Commission’s automated job matching system, requires state agencies to interview veterans, and designates a veteran liaison to large state agencies.
  • College Credit for Heroes – Allows Texas colleges to directly translate military training and experience into college credit hours by re-establishing the College Credit for Heroes program.
  • Expedited Occupational License Fees for Veterans – Expedites the employment of skilled veterans by waiving examination and fee requirements for occupational licenses issued by state agencies.
  • Texas Coordinating Council for Veterans Services – Increases the focus and coordination for veterans mental health services.
  • Veterans Homestead Exemption – Closes a gap in the homestead exemption for Texas military families who are stationed out of state.
  • Military Base Protections – Protects the long-term viability of Texas bases to carry out their missions by abatements for wind energy projects within 30 nautical miles of the boundaries of military aviation facilities.
  • Military Spouses Occupational Licensing Reciprocity.
  • Franchise Tax Exemptions for Veteran owned businesses.
  • Passed a Texas Constitutional Amendment providing a 100% property tax exemption for the spouses of military service members who were Killed in the Line of Duty.

Pro Parental/Guardian Rights

Dr. Donna Campbell believes that allowing parents the right to choose the school that best meets their child’s needs immediately levels the playing field between the haves and have-nots. We should be expanding – not limiting – a child’s opportunities to receive the best education possible.

Dr. Campbell has championed school choice legislation every legislative session, including giving parents and guardians the flexibility to send their children to the school that best fits their needs. Dr. Campbell will continue to support school choice legislation because she knows that the most effective weapon in the war on poverty is equal access to a first rate education.

Additionally, Dr. Campbell passed legislation that requires Texas public schools to receive signed permission slips from parents/guardians before students can enter into a sex education course.