Donna Campbell Surge Lifts Conservative Physician into Runoff

For Immediate Release:

Donna Campbell stunned the political establishment with a strong second place finish in Senate District 25 Tuesday night, earning her a spot in the July 31st runoff, but no one in her campaign said they were surprised by the outcome.

“We’ve been saying we had momentum for weeks. The lawsuits and negative campaigning between Elizabeth Ames Jones and Jeff Wentworth hit a level that many voters were uncomfortable with, while Dr. Campbell’s simple message of conservative values and less government resonated with Texas families,” Campbell Spokesperson Jon Oliver said.

Donna Campbell finished first in every county except Bexar and Kendall, garnering an impressive 46% in Travis County. With all precincts reporting, Campbell’s surge in the northern part of the district left her comfortably ahead of fundraising frontrunner Ames Jones and within 1.5% points of incumbent Senator Wentworth.

“Our campaign was outmanned, outspent, and doubted by many in the media — but what we lacked in conventional campaign structure we made up for in faith, determination, and a conservative message of smaller government and fiscal responsibility,” Dr. Campbell stated after the results were announced. “This victory may have shocked some pundits, but to our grassroots supporters and voters tired of politics as usual, the outcome was no surprise.”

“I want to thank Elizabeth Ames Jones for her public service and congratulate her for running a tough race. There were many things we disagreed on, but we both agree that Sen. Wentworth has been there too long and voted too liberal to be an effective voice for our conservative district. I look forward to a lively and spirited debate with him on the challenges facing Texas.”