NRA Awards Donna Campbell Highest ‘A’ Rating

For her commitment to gun owners and her pledge to defend the second amendment, Dr. Donna Campbell has received an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association, the highest grade the organization awards to non-incumbents.

Dr. Campbell received the news in a letter from the NRA. The grade was awarded based on her positions advocating for gun rights, including a pledge to sponsor campus-carry legislation, something her opponent, Sen. Jeff Wentworth tried and failed to push through the Texas Senate in the last session. The 6-term incumbent senator recently announced he is no longer interested in carrying the bill.

Dr. Donna Campbell said she will take on that responsibility. “It’s a good piece of legislation that fell short due to Senator Wentworth’s misfires and deserves another chance. I’m for it, I’ll carry it, and I won’t conceal my support for it,” the New Braunfels physician stated. “I believe the second amendment is the bedrock to protecting all our other liberties.”