Sen. Campbell Helps Pass Legislation to Ban Dismemberment Abortions

AUSTIN – State Senator Donna Campbell released the following statement on the passage of SB 8 and SB 415 today, on which she is an author:

“The practice of dismemberment abortions is cruel and unusual and may be more accurately referred to as abortion by means of torture. It is not medically necessary 99% of the time and it inflicts terrible pain on unborn children in the womb. In passing SB 8 and SB 415 in the Senate today, I was proud to join Sen. Charles Perry to outlaw the practice of dismemberment abortions in Texas and enact criminal penalties on abortion providers that continue to engage in this barbaric and inhumane practice. Every innocent life is precious and I will continue to fight for every Texan’s right to life.”


State Senator Donna Campbell chairs the Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee and represents Senate District 25.