Sen. Campbell Votes for Roads, Boosts Highway Funding by $1.2B

“Today the Legislature removed road blocks to economic growth…”

AUSTIN– State Senator Donna Campbell’s push to find new funding for our roads finally paid off with the passage of SJR 1 and HB 1. The two transportation bills cleared both the House and the Senate Monday night. Upon passage, Sen. Campbell released the following statement:

“Today the Legislature removed road blocks to economic growth by providing long-term, sustainable funding for our roads. This is the biggest boost in highway funding in over a decade and it was achieved without raising taxes or tolls. I am proud of the work I was able to accomplish for the San Antonio and Central Texas drivers who sent me here to fix our roads, keep commerce moving, and ensure our families stay safe on our highways. Best of all, we were able to achieve these results while protecting the bulk of the Rainy Day Fund.”

If voters approve the measure in a constitutional referendum next November, the change in allocation of the Economic Stabilization Fund will generate roughly $1 billion a year dedicated solely to highway funding. None of this money can be used to build toll roads.


Senator Donna Campbell represents Senate District 25 and sits on the Senate Transportation Committee. When she’s not in the Senate, she works as an emergency room physician.

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