Sen. Donna Campbell Rebukes Travis County Sheriff for Releasing Violent Criminals in U.S. Illegally

AUSTIN – State Senator Donna Campbell attended a press conference this afternoon with members of the Senate and House to express her frustration with the Travis County Sheriff’s refusal to honor 3 ICE detainers for criminals here unlawfully and accused of violent, sexual crimes against children. She issued the following statement:

“When law enforcement officials operate outside the rule of law, it should give every Texan great concern. We cannot tolerate law enforcement officials thwarting the will of the people and putting innocent lives at risk. The reason for ICE detainers and the purpose of Senate Bill 4 is to protect victims of crimes, especially from criminals who pose an immediate risk to our neighborhoods and communities including our immigrant community. Neglect of the law by rogue officials is unjust and threatens a free and law-abiding society. This must stop.”

Senator Campbell is a co-author of Senate Bill 4, which passed the Senate last week and would end the type of so-called Sanctuary City policies that the Travis County Sheriff has implemented.