Senator Campbell Files Bill to Narrow Charter School Funding Gap

AUSTIN – State Senator Donna Campbell filed Senate Bill 457 to close the systemic funding gap that currently exists between public charter school students and their peers at traditional public schools. On average, public charter school students receive $1400 less in public funding than traditional public school students. SB 457 would cut that gap in half.

“Charter school students in Texas are treated as public school students in every regard except for their funding. With 141,000 students on charter school waiting lists, it is high time we address this critical funding gap,” Senator Campbell said.

Unlike traditional public school students, charter school students receive no state funding for facilities (I&S) and are forced to shift limited dollars toward the cost of facilities.

“The current funding gap is truly a burden on families who want to choose the best school to meet the individual needs of their child. Senate Bill 457 is a sure-fire way to increase access for every student in Texas to receive the best education.”

In May of 2016 the Texas Supreme Court issued an opinion acknowledging that charter school students are public school students and are subject to constitutional protections outlined in the Texas Constitution.  Additionally, the court recognized charter school students’ rights to an adequate, suitable, and efficient education.


Senator Donna Campbell is a member of the Senate Education Committee and chairs the Senate Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee.