Senator Campbell Criticizes City’s Involuntary Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, Says Delaying Implementation is the Right Decision

AUSTIN – A district judge signed off on a deal Wednesday between city officials and business groups to delay the implementation of the City of San Antonio’s paid sick leave ordinance.

Senator Campbell has released the following statement regarding the ordinance:

“San Antonio, like Austin, is proposing a city ordinance that violates state law and will harm local businesses. The far left socialists and labor unions pushing this don’t care about the long-term consequences, only in exerting greater control over private property and inserting themselves into the day-to-day operations of private businesses. The end result will be fewer local mom and pop shops, fewer firms available to hire new workers, and fewer events willing to come to San Antonio – which also means fewer tax dollars for the city.
“This ordinance as written is bad for the economy and goes against the American Dream. If you want to penalize enterprising individuals and families from starting their own business or restaurant or for hiring additional workers, this ordinance is the perfect weapon. Delaying its implementation is the right decision, but denying it permanently is the only solution that will allow free enterprise to thrive and protect Texans’ jobs

Senator Donna Campbell M.D.