Senator Campbell Files Brief Opposing Job-killing Austin Ordinance

AUSTIN – State Senator Donna Campbell filed an amicus brief in support of business groups seeking an injunction against the City of Austin regarding their mandatory paid sick leave ordinance. The controversial ordinance, scheduled to go into effect on October 1st, would apply to any non-union eligible employee working within the city limits, regardless of where the employer is headquartered, its size, or how many workers are employed.

“Texas is not Washington, D.C., San Francisco, or California. In Texas we embrace statewide policies that promote economic prosperity and discourage cities from punishing small businesses with a patchwork of burdensome regulations that make it harder to keep their doors open,” Senator Campbell stated. “Because most Texas businesses already offer paid sick leave, implementing heavy-handed mandates at the local level on those least likely to afford it will create a less competitive marketplace, harm employers, and put a drag on the Texas economy.”


Senator Donna Campbell is an emergency room physician and chairwoman of the Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee. In addition, she sits on the Senate Finance, Education, Business and Commerce, and IGR committees.