Senator Campbell Files SB 27, The Help for Texas Heroes Act

AUSTIN – Today State Senator Donna Campbell filed Senate Bill 27 to enhance and expand existing mental healthcare services for Texas veterans. The Help for Texas Heroes Act will increase access to mental health care for our veterans and reflects the commitment of state leaders to reduce the suicide rate among our state’s veteran population.

“Unfortunately, we lose some of our bravest men and women to a preventable tragedy every year and that’s unacceptable,” Sen. Campbell stated. “Texas has always looked after our veterans, and the Help for Texas Heroes Act strengthens our commitment to provide mental health services for those who have answered the call to serve our great nation.”

In 2015, the Legislature implemented the Military Veteran Peer-to-Peer Network as part of the Mental Health Program for Veterans. That program provided over 1000 clinical services to 355 veterans in 2016 and led to an additional 4300 referrals to counseling for veterans. Senate Bill 27 seeks to expand and support the program with more licensed mental health professionals to reach more areas of the state.

“Improving outreach, access, and training are the keys to building on the successful program we have already established in the State of Texas to assist our veterans. I am proud to file this bill on behalf of our veterans and to have the support of Lt. Governor Patrick,” said Sen. Campbell.


State Senator Donna Campbell chairs the Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee and represents Senate District 25.