Senator Donna Campbell Urges Local Taxing Units to Set Low Tax Rates

AUSTIN– — State Senator Donna Campbell sent letters to Senate District 25 local taxing units urging them to lower their tax rates on properties, expressing concerns for Texans who are experiencing economic hardship.

“As an emergency room physician and a senator, I believe we must work together to create a healthy balance of public health precautions while guarding Texans’ liberty to pursue and protect their livelihoods. It has been heartbreaking to watch so many Texans suffer financially due to unemployment and business closures during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said Senator Campbell. “This is why I have sent letters to our local taxing units urging them to set low tax rates on properties to help our neighbors who are struggling during these unprecedented times.”

Last session the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 2, the most transformational property tax legislation the state of Texas has seen in decades. Senate Bill 2 requires local governments to conduct an election if they plan to increase their rollback rates by more than 3.5%. The bill also does the following: a. creates transparency and increased communication with taxpayers; b. improves the tax-rate-setting process; c. upgrades the training and expertise required for appraisal review board members; d. amends the appraisal review board composition, structure, and process; and e. simplifies the process to file appeals against appraisal review board orders.

“Taxpayers should make their voices heard during the tax-rate-setting process, especially now that Senate Bill 2 has made this process more transparent,” said Senator Campbell. “As a fiscal conservative, I will always fight against frivolous spending of taxpayer dollars. I will also fight to maintain Senate Bill  2 and will consider all conceivable options to bring relief to the taxpayers in the 2021 Legislative Session.”