Wentworth’s Big Government Proposition Fails at the Ballot Box

Jeff Wentworth Texas State SenatorLast Tuesday, November 8th, the voters of Texas soundly defeated the big government ballot Proposition #4 which our State Senator Jeff Wentworth sponsored.

Senator Wentworth is out of touch with the values of SD 25. When we talk to voters from San Antonio to Austin we hear concern over property rights and the size of government. The voters want strong conservative leadership that will advocate for their property rights as well as fiscal responsibility in Texas.

When you look at Proposition 4 you see power moving from the private sector, where it belongs, and into the hands of the government. Thankfully the voters of Texas agreed with us and voted against this overreaching proposition.

If Jeff Wentworth really is a conservative Republican why would he sponsor a proposition that increases governments power and authority? And if proposition 4 really is a good idea, why did the voters overwhelmingly reject it?

We need conservative leadership in the Texas State Senate not someone who will champion big government propositions. Support a champion of limited government, support Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas State Senate